Business Blogs

What’s the Significance of a Company Blog?

By maintaining a steady influence in the lives of your customers and potential clients via a company blog, you’re constantly communicating messages and updates that keep everybody informed and up-to-date. Whether you’re releasing new products and services or you’re changing location or prices, a blog can relay anything.

Media Trovert’s blog designers and blog content writers are professionally skilled and qualified. Your company blog will be completely original, informative, and relevant – making it easier to maintain that presence in the lives of others.


Blog Design Features and Costs

Features Basic Blog Improved Blog Commerce Leader
WordPress Utilization
Beginning tactic consultation
Information planning
Amount of trial products/services Partial 1 2
Modification to specific trial products/services
Inner theme resources
Calls to action tactics
Social media incorporation
Avoidance of replica content
Plug-ins 10 13 16
WordPress procedural updates Very partial Partial Full package
Theme + template utilization Partial Full package
Conversion utilization Very partial Partial Full package
RSS feed submissions 25 70
Link building
Personalized social media sharing badges
Investment $1300 $2150 $3350
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Need more information? Call us today: (310) 993-0880

You are the Focal Point

While some blog designers focus solely on making the blog look cool, Media Trovert focuses on you. Of course, having a well put together blog is an additional bonus. The content on your blog will be relevant to your company, brand, and job subject.

By letting our skilled team create a powerful blog that influences your online presence, you will be up-to-date with the constant changes of technology and social media. Even better, your customers will be up-to-date with your company’s changes and growth.

Our Success

  • Improved website traffic by +95%
  • Improved conversion rate by +37%
  • Reduced bounce rate by -29%

The Process of Creating a Blog

After the design is complete, Media Trovert’s highly qualified team sets the blog up on the blogging platform WordPress. WordPress comes with ample plug-ins – some free and some more than affordable. The platform is user-friendly and easy to manipulate to your specific needs.

Our team works with your company to create the best blog possible for your line of business. The first thing you will want to do is explore the different tools offered with WordPress – the ones included and the ones not. Our team can help you find which tools will help your company’s website’s growth as a whole.

Media Trovert’s Blog Design Features and Costs

Despite our phenomenal work and success rate, Media Trovert’s prices are very competitive and affordable. We provide the necessary tools and features to influence your company’s presence online permanently.

Our qualified team will provide you with original content not found anywhere else. For more information, call our team at (310) 993-0880 for a free consultation and quote.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Call Media Trovert now at (310) 993-0880 or fill out our provided form for more information on our services and costs.

If you want to create a better brand and reach more customers for your business by establishing a solid foothold in the social media world, contact us today at (310) 993-0880.