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Search engine rankings and link building are traditional and effective, but it cannot be the only thing you rely on.

Content marketing is top-tier when it comes to lead generation.

Why Choose Us?

Media Trovert's Content Marketing Services include:

  • Our dedicated team consist of a Content Director, Authority Blogger, Copy-writing Manager, Website Developer, Graphic Designer, Search Engine Optimizer, Content Strategist, Social Media Outreach Specialist, and Influencer Outreach Specialist.
  • Media Trovert also takes pride in the ability to create unique and original content. Whether you’re looking for branded blogs, articles, creative social media posts, infographics, motion graphics, or even e-books – we can help.
  • Our goal is to develop a content marketing strategy for your business that will strongly influence your niche and draw attention by providing high quality content.

Why do you need Content Marketing?

About a decade ago, not having a content marketing strategy online wasn’t that big of a deal. In today’s day and age – it’s everything. Content marketing is about using content to grow your business. The goal is to use content marketing as a strategy to build trust in your community and when trust is built, you'll be able to turn your loyal audience into repeating customers.

With the help of Media Trovert’s highly skilled team of professionals, your brand will be viral and powerful. Our pricing is competitive and our work is top-notch. With our help, you can make your presence online influential and permanent.

Features Small Business  Premium Plan 
Content Assets Developed 3/year 6/year
Blog Optimization
Small Changes to Website Design & Content  1/month 2/month
Content Marketing Strategy Design
Research and Generate Content Ideas
# of high quality blog posts per month 2 4
# of blog posts from expert guest bloggers per month 1 3
# of press releases 1/year 2/year
# infographics 2/year 4/year
Project Management Scheduling
Dedicated Account Representive 24hr response time
SEO Keyword Optimization for Each Content Piece
Access to Media Trovert calendar and content publishing tools
Create quotable social images for each article for Instagram
Social Media Contest Strategy Implementation  2/year 4/year
Tweet 1: Anchor time + 3 hours
Tweet 2: Anchor time + 1 day and 2 hour 
Tweet 3: Anchor time + 7 days and 3 hours 
Tweet 4: Anchor time + 14 days and 2 hours 
Tweet 5: Anchor time + 2 days and 6 hours  -
Tweet 6: Anchor time + 11 days and 5 hours  -
Tweet 7: Anchor time + 3 days and 1 hours  -
Tweet 8: Anchor time + 12 hours  -
Tweet 9: Anchor time + 5 days and 45 minutes  -
Tweet 10: Autoschedule -
Social Media Insight Reports/Analysis -
Social Media Competitor Report/Analysis -
Content Submission Site -
Community & Influencers Engagement 3 hours/week 9 hours/week
Create an awesome ebook & promotion (custom) Call for plan 1/year
Podcasts Call for plan 1/year
YouTube Videos Call for plan 1/year
Affiliate Member Partnership for Clients 12% 12%
Contract Term 1 year 1 year
Monthly Optimization - 30 Day Cancellation $399 $1,350
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Need more information? Call us today : (310) 993-0880

How to calculate your content marketing budget?

The most successful companies are shifting their focus and budget towards content marketing. On average, companies spend more than 8% of their revenue for marketing and of the marketing budget, 40% or more are spent on content marketing. Below is a formula to calculate a conservative budget for content marketing.

Revenue per year x .08 x .40 = conservative budget to spend on content marketing for the year
(.08 assuming 8% of your year revenue goes to marketing)
(.40 assuming 40% of your marketing budget goes to content marketing)

Are you investing in content marketing? If not, you may be missing out.

What is the significance of Content Marketing?

Lets be honest, your customers are not going to simply find your blog on Google and sign up with you. They are going to hear from you through multiple media channels and sources before deciding whether to trust you.

The best way to introduce potential customers to your brand is to do it an an informative, yet non-pressuring way. If you want to turn your business into a successful business using content marketing, simply blogging or just posting stuff will not be sufficient. You have to know what your customers want. The content you write must be targeted, which means there is a logical link between the content and your business.

There's a lot that goes into managing content marketing - from creating content that customers are interested in to managing social media platforms to managing influencers to managing your ambassadors who are willing to advocate about your business on your behalf to building links. Media Trovert offers content outreach specialists to obtain top-tier content signals for your business.

In our Content Marketing Plan, Media Trovert includes the whole team!

  • Content Director
  • Authority blogger
  • Copy-writing manager
  • Website developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Content Strategist
  • Social Media Outreach Specialist
  • Influencer Outreach Specialist

Media Trovert's professional skilled team offers an effective way for creating, sharing, and spreading your content. With us by your side, the outcome is sure to be both powerful and long-term.

Media Trovert's Content Marketing Tactics Summary

The following resources and plans are included in Media Trovert’s Content Marketing Tactics.

Articles + Blog Posts

A blog can be the heart of a business’s website. It is the pride and joy of a phenomenal content marketing tactic. Media Trovert will set up a blog for your company, and design it in a way that will highlight your website as a whole. Most importantly, we research and test every blog articles we write with informative and relevant content that are most likely to go viral.

Scaling the Machine Content Promotion

Everyone dreams of being able to create a piece of content and have it go viral on its own. In reality, this wont happen without spending time on content promotion. This is why Media Trovert have literally hundreds of tactics we can use to promote your content. Leave this up to us.

Motion Graphics + Infographics

Our team does the research. They gain the valuable intellect about your brand, industry, and relevant topics. Then, they bring those things to life by creating Infographics and motion graphics that will endorse your brand.

Content Links Drive Traffic

Written content is a necessity when it comes to successful content marketing tactics. Media Trovert comes fully stocked with a team ready to create relevant content and safe links for your website via numerous different channels. With the combined effort of Media Trovert content marketing team, your contents are utilized for maximum exposure.

For more information, or to create your own custom plan, please contact Media Trovert today by calling (310) 993-0880

How can we help?

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