Google Place Factors

1. Citations

We look at how many citations were found for your business compared to your top local competitors? Our goal is to get you more quality citations. We will submit your business information to all top ranked and high page rank local and business directory sites.

2. Citation Authority

We look at the score of the quality of your citations compared to your competitors. The higher the score the greater the authority of your citations and the more positive impact it will have on your local ranking.

3. Website Authority

We look at your website authority. The score is measure of the rankability of your website looking at over 150 factors. The higher the score the higher the potential for your website to rank.

4. Reviews & Ratings

We look at your Google reviews and reviews from other sources. Our goal is to increase your rating.

5. Other Factors

  • Make sure you are listed in all the proper 5 top categories so customers can find you.
  • Make sure your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is consistent on all listings & directories online.
  • Google Plus Local (Google Place & Google Plus) and Google Maps.
  • Claim any existing listing by phone & email address to authorize the ownership and to avoid duplicate listings.
  • Improve Reviews and Rating.
  • Business Image Optimization to top image submission sites.
  • Video Promotion strategy.
  • Off Page & On Page Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.