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Your Most Important Asset is your Local Search Listing

Local SEO is one of the most useful and crucial ways that businesses can attract their customers locally. While developing a worldwide audience can be useful, it does matter if your business is local or national. Local businesses where customers will be driving to your location will require you to develop a more steadily focus on Local SEO, as you will be targeting keywords with the respective local cities you serve.

In order to achieve this, each business must develop an online profile that will include a specific area where they are set up, the zip code, the distance from most notable places in the city, and anything else that will make it easy to find for local customers. Research shows that most clients will not travel further than 17 miles to reach your business, so ideally you will need to develop a game plan to target all cities within this area.

Media Trovert's Local Search experts are equipped with the tools and experience to effectively optimize and manage your local SEO, local search listings and brand pages for top tier ranking.

In addition to Local SEO, our Local Search Campaigns include:

Google+ Local and Google Brands pages

Your first step towards this achievement is to successfully set up your Google + Local account, which has recently become the replacement for Google Places, which used to be used to find local businesses and help customers find them. The new version of this search engine is able to be much more customized by your potential customers. It also allows them to view not only the basic information for your business, but also additional things like location, pictures, other customers’ reviews of your service, social media links, and anything else that separates your business from all other businesses in your niche. Customers spend a very short amount of time choosing the right service for them, so you need to make sure that you are really standing out from the crowd. At Media Trovert we make sure that we help you bring your business up to its full online potential, and we are more than happy to continue to guide you along the way as you develop further.

Media Trovert's local search experts will help your business optimize for top tier local search rankings. Our goal is to deliver highly leveraged brand pages that will target your business’ specialties and service areas to help you get more exposure in your community. Our team will even manually submit your listings to local directories that you are not listed in.

Local SEO

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