Online Media Buying

The Right Company for Online Media Buying

Finding the ideal company to help with online media buying is a hit or miss. It’s important to find a team that will meet your needs and expectations, but also make sure your promotions are seen by the right people. This is where Media Trovert comes in. With our professional team, you’ll be reaching your targeted audience in no time at all.


Media Trovert offers:

  • Unique results ranging from demographic, psychographic, and geographic targeting meant to lead potential future customers to your website
  • A wide variety of online ad space meant to ensure that your ads will appear on relevant web sites, effectively attracting more traffic
  • Devoted members of Media Trovert will be working alongside you, watching and examining the process in order to keep your promotions relevant

The Value of Online Media Buying

Too many companies are in it solely for the profit, which makes it hard to trust them. Some people will say anything to make a quick dollar. Media Trovert is one of the few companies that will not only meet your expectations, but aim even higher if it means a more successful business. The value of something like this is reasonable and competitive, and we offer free quotes when you call (310) 993-0880.

Online Media Buying Features and Pricing Plans

Services Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package Diamond Package
Primary strategy expansion & operation Custom
Demographic targeting Custom
Geographical location Custom
Age Custom
Interest Custom
Education rank Custom
Associated website interests Custom
Gender Custom
Mobile targeting (device) Custom
Mobile targeting (carrier) Custom
Produce based Custom
Days/week Custom
Keyword targeting Custom
Monthly Reports Custom
Impression targeting (optional) Custom
Google analytics incorporation Custom
Web media posting schedule Custom
Calculated bid administration Custom
Promotion alternation for conversion Custom
Devoted account delegate   Custom
Landing Page Development  Custom
Banner Creation & Design Custom
Video Promotions Custom
Language analysis     Custom
MAX of 2 personal discussions/month Custom
Pre-testing on landing page Custom
Pre-testing on ecommerce store & cart process Quote Custom
Recurring Monthly Optimization (Month to Month) $350 $650 $950 Custom
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The Center of Your Online Media Buying Promotion

Media Trovert realizes the importance of both getting to know you and getting to know your current and potential customers. By identifying interests and routines, we’re able to reach your target demographic with our online media buying promotions. With demographics like gender, education level, age range, and even location, Media Trovert’s success with online media buying strategies is no surprise.

Even more – it’s not all about targeted demographics. Sometimes you have to jump higher to reach your goals and strengthen your success. Ask yourself questions about your audience, and then play to those specifics. By understanding your customers better, you’re helping to find the best aspects of your online media buying promotion.

No One is the Same

The biggest thing to remember is that not one customer is completely like the other. With a wide range of different buyers, your business will flourish and grow in its originality and success. When you utilize this aspect of your online media buying promotions, you’re able to target potential customers that will actually gain something from your business.

There’s nothing better than discovering loyal customers. Sure, it’s nice to find someone who will order your products or services in general... but what about finding someone that keeps coming back? That is even more important. Media Trovert will help you get those loyal customers that will keep coming back in years to come.

The Specifics of Demographics

You probably have some target demographics in mind – you, of all people, know who your customers are, what they do, and everything in-between. If you don’t know these things, Media Trovert helps you get there. When putting together your online media buying promotion, we make sure that those promotions appear on sites that your customers frequently visit.

Media Trovert considers the following things when targeting:

  • Interests and lifestyles
  • Frequently visited sites
  • Recommended sites
  • Search engine queries
  • Hobbies
  • General favorites

Geographical Location and Media Targeting

Is your business local – maybe global? Geographical location matters, especially your customer’s geographical location. At Media Trovert, we use that information to properly place your promotions. It’s important to be relevant to a person’s specific geographical location, and our team knows exactly how to do that. We use social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and many others to ad relevant digital media promotions that will spark interest in your potential and current customer base.

Best of all, our team at Media Trovert knows how to create those ads better than any other. If you’re worried that your promotions will be displayed during times your customers won’t be able to see them, stop worrying! We take care of that too. Media Trovert takes into consideration all aspects of geographical location and specific times.

Research, Action, and Effect

Media Trovert follows a specific protocol when it comes to strategically placing promotions online. We research the sites that your customer base frequently visits. Taken into consideration are the times and locations. The next step is a call to action. By integrating the research our team at Media Trovert obtains, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary costs or irrelevantly placed promotions.

Our team at Media Trovert also considers the value of each promotion – where would the promotion strive at in relation to the cost? Which sites will bring more traffic to your business? These are things we always utilize when banking on success.

The Process to Success

Every business is unique, and Media Trovert knows that yours is not the exception. Our team takes the time to understand you and your goals. They take that information and they use it to make a media buying strategy that’s specific to your business and your business alone. Our process to success is an intricate variety of steps that plays on all strengths of the commercial side of the internet.

Virtual Promotion Design & Formation

Your business stands for something. When promotions for your business are being created, they should be relevant to your brand. With our professionally skilled team at Media Trovert, we will not only create promotions that are relevant to your brand, but we will do it in a way that pulls the attention from your customer base to your website.

Structure in Virtual Media Buying’s Posting Schedule

You don’t want promotions posted during low-traffic times of the day. After the challenge of placement, our team at Media Trovert goes over the posting schedule. We take your preferences and the traffic of your customer base and we make it a profitable reality.

Virtual Media Buying Remarketing Approach

A person is more likely to buy from you if they’re familiar with your business – or perhaps bought from you before. Media Trovert takes into consideration not just past customers, but customers that have yet to check out, customers just browsing, and customers not even on your site. We take in all ends of the spectrum and the result is an unbeatable success.

Post-Promotion Effect

The entire point of an online media promotion strategy is continuous success, even after the fact. It’s a huge advantage to replace irrelevant promotions with a quick click of a button – and in a reasonable timeframe – which is exactly what Media Trovert does. With our ongoing support, we will keep your business up to date in all things internet related.

Our team will change designs, placements, times, and targeting of promotions depending on the relevance of them, and we do it in the blink of an eye. With us on our side, your website will be ready to go at all times with all updates.

It’s time to make your business known across the net! Call Media Trovert today at (310) 993-0880 for a free quote or fill out the form provided below.

If you want to create a better brand and reach more customers for your business by establishing a solid foothold in the social media world, contact us today at (310) 993-0880.