Personalized Site Content

Media Trovert’s Marketing Personalization

We understand that every business is different; therefore every business requires a unique marketing tactic that plays to their individual strengths. This is why Media Trovert offers the following personalization services:

  • Each website guest will be provided relevant content to their previous visit
  • Offers can be tailored based on demographic or firmographic statistics
  • Website guests’ behavior will be examined in real time and treated appropriately
  • Organized communication – deliver messages to specific people at specific times

By utilizing Media Trovert’s marketing personalization, you can make each site guest have a unique experience. You can even modify greetings and content depending on previously visited sites, show comparable services, and employ “calls to action” based on their online progress.

The table below contains more information on Media Trovert’s marketing personalization.


Personalization Costs

Features 1 Tailored Site Feature Primary Home Page Making Primary Website Making Primary And Current Updates + Detailing
Real-time customization
Behavioral customization
Firmographic customization
Web visitor commerce
Web visitor company magnitude
Web visitor company proceeds
Web visitor locality
Masthead aim/homepage content blocks 1 3 5 5
Inner page or all around content block 3 3
Customization website assimilation
Customization reporting progress
Quarterly examination
Quarterly original add-ons 1
Quarterly reporting
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Monthly Personalization Costs

Features 1 Tailored Site Feature 3 Customized Website Features 5 Customized Website Features 5+ Customized Website Features
Real time customization
Behavioral customization
Firmographic customization
Web visitor commerce
Web visitor company magnitude
Web visitor company proceeds
Web visitor locality
Quarterly masthead or inner page creation 1 3 5 MIN of 5
Monthly innovative CRO study
Monthly Detailing
Customization website integration
Customization reporting production
Monthly A/B examination
Quarterly resourceful updates 1 MIN of 2
Monthly content updates
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Summary of Media Trovert’s Marketing Personalization

Media Trovert provides useful and original tools tailored at giving you the personalization of your dreams. These tools are at no added charge.

By gathering information on each individual to visit your website, we can customize your site content based on that individual’s site habits, location, and if relevant their company size and proceeds.

Our Success

  • Improved website traffic by +95%
  • Improved conversion rate by +37%
  • Reduced bounce rate by -29%

Personalization Includes:

Personalization options are endless. By improving your website’s actions and conversions, you can utilize personalization in the following aspects.


Personalizing each visitor’s site greeting is a key component of achieving sales. By personalizing their website experience, you can get them what they need faster. For example, showing them previously viewed items will remind them of what they haven’t bought yet.

Special Offers

Having a wide variety of different incentives is important to keep the attention coming back to your website and business. By offering unique coupons, discounts, and value plans, your customers are more likely to come back again and again.

Suggested Content

Suggested content is a huge part of keeping your website traffic and sales high and constant. If you don’t include suggested content, their attention can easily be diverted to something else. If you’re constantly recommending them relevant services and products, they won’t be able to give up the opportunity.

Calls to Action

By utilizing different calls to action during a website visitor’s online progress, they’re more likely to actually purchase your products or services rather than just “browse”. These targeted messages are personal and effective.

Don’t miss your opportunity to personalize the way YOU want to personalize. Call Media Trovert at (310) 993-0880 (tel:310%20993%200880) or fill out the provided form below.

The Right Blog Design Will Make Your Online Presence Powerful

Keeping up with a company blog can make the difference in communicating brand changes, new services, or recent changes. Media Trovert is the ideal blogging partner. Why?

  • Our skilled team of professionals creates blogs that are relevant to your business and targeted audience, resulting in a top-tier outcome
  • Media Trovert’s blog design and integration are custom and original
  • WordPress is utilized – the ultimate blogging platform with optional plug-ins for improved usability
If you want to create a better brand and reach more customers for your business by establishing a solid foothold in the social media world, contact us today at (310) 993-0880.