Reputation Management


Being an active participator in Social Media communities is a good start for the development of a business, but it only satisfies one of the requirements for a well branded company to become a leader in their market. You need to be fully aware of the feedbacks your business is receiving online, as well as what customers are saying about it. Showing that you listen to the customers who are paying for your services is what will ultimately set you apart from others, and make you look and sound like the leader of your industry.

The best way for your business to develop online is to make sure that your reviews are positive, but also that you are rightfully deserving such great reviews. Our experts at Media Trovert will help you understand how to connect with your customers, and how to take their criticism and advice seriously to improve your services. Businesses with more positive reviews and higher ratings will generally see an increase in calls or walk-ins.

However, negative reviews can really tarnish a company’s brand name. Unresponsive reviews and low ratings can send a message to the online community that your company is unprofessional and unsuitable to do business with. Don’t let bad reviews tarnish your company’s reputation; instead, make sure that you are working on it at all times, and that you are doing your best to create a business that will primarily cater to your customers and not to yourself.

Media Trovert’s Reputation Management Services will guard your online reputation against social media attacks, negative reviews, and negative press on over 50 review sites. Our platform offers our business clients the tools to track the results from our efforts so they can see the results in real time!

Our Reputation Management Services guards your brand name with:

  • Social Media Attacks
  • Negative Reviews
  • Negative Press

Let our team of reputation management experts guard your online reputation today. For more information, contact us today at (310) 993-0880.